LEAD Academy

Leaders for Excellence, Advocacy, and Discovery

As an incoming TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) Scholar at the University of Pittsburgh, you have the exclusive opportunity to participate in the SSS LEAD Academy. TRIO SSS Scholars are an elite group of individuals across the US whose status as TRIO alumni can result in additional connections, opportunities, and recognition.  Through the LEAD Academy, you get a head start in networking with key individuals in the Pitt community, orienting yourself to the Pitt basics and practices, and building a team of friends that will last throughout your time at the University and beyond.

Get to know TRIO

Meet your TRIO SSS peers, staff, and alumni! Learn how to leverage the national reputation of TRIO.

Explore Pittsburgh

Learn the city bus system, visit iconic sites and neighborhoods, walk your schedule and tour campus.

Build your skills

Develop your resume, learn networking skills, and meet amazing Pitt faculty members!

2022 Lead Academy: August 18-22, 2022